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I’ve talked previously on social media about some of the life changes I’ve experienced lately. My kids are both in school/preschool and I’ve got some larger chunks of time during the day. Although I have a good amount of life commitments to continue to manage, I’m also excited to utilize this time in my personal pursuits. This includes my personal sewing, but also the growth of my small business Henny Lou.

Henny Lou started and has mainly been selling the handmade baby/kids clothes that I make. I have had so much fun and success at markets like Cultivate Tucson, and it has been so cool to be a part of and grow in this small business community. Tucson, ah what a gem, I cannot say enough good things about this big little town.

Henny Lou is staying! This business, inspired and named after my littles, feels like such a huge part of my growth. I will still be making baby/kids clothes. I’ll take custom orders and have some offerings at any markets I participate in. I’m also pushing myself and my abilities and hoping to grow. And literally growing this business into adult patterns and clothing.


 So, the jist of it:  I’m transitioning into pattern design for home sewists. I have several patterns that I’m working on and the goal is to sell them as PDF patterns you can download, print at home, put together, and sew up to make your own custom garment. BUT, for anyone who is not interested in sewing, I will also be selling handmade garments based on the patterns I release. There will be a range of sizes that can accommodate your personal measurements, fabric selections, personal touches, and 100% made by me. Also, if you want sewing lessons you can always feel free to message me and we can set something up!

 I’m really excited about this new phase in my journey and the continued growth that making things has had on me. I can’t wait to show you what I’m working on. I’m setting the intention of posting here more often too. You’ll be able to find news about Henny Lou, things I’m working on, general thoughts, and of course all my me mades by other amazing indie designers! As always feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


One of my first self drafted dresses

One of my first self drafted dresses

Emily Weiss